Flexi Assessments / CPSRs

Flexi Assessment CPSRs are a type of Cosmetic Safety Report that allows you to use a pre-determined formula and recipe with a cosmetic base and a selection of additions such as fragrances oils, flavour oils and pigments to create a number of variations of the same product.

For example, our Flexi Lip Gloss Assessment allows for use of our Lip Gloss Base, Vitamin Oil Blend, and flavour oils and colour pigments to create an infinite number of colours of lip gloss with a number of gorgeous flavours which smell amazing.  

With Flexi Assessments, you must follow the formula exactly and you must complete all the usual regulatory requirements such as a PIF - product information file, and uploading to the UK Cosmetics Portal.

Flexi Assessments are extremely cost-effective and can save you literally hundreds of pounds in CPSR fees.  A great place to start your cosmetics range.

Once ordered our safety reports are completed and returned to you usually within 1-5 days depending on workload.

3 products

3 products