Custom bonding
& re-tipping services

Have your own blend made in U-tip, V-tip, flat tip or I-tips or have existing hair re-tipped

Custom blends

When custom bonding extensions, we can create whatever blend you desire.  

Minimum purchase 2 packs of hair.

Custom Tips

We can apply U/Nail tips, V-tips, Flat tips or I-tips with our strong, long lasting Italian Keratin Resin.

Re-Tipping service

Have your extensions professionally re-tipped with your choice of bond type.

More information

Our custom blending, bonding and re-tipping services are professionally done in house by hand.

General turn around is about 2-3 days, but we will inform you of any delays due to work volume.

Please understand that due to the 'done by hand' nature of these extensions, they may vary slightly between 0.8g and 1g per bond.  There may be some slight loss of hair or imperfections during this process, but each bond will be strong and fit for purpose.

When sending in existing extension hair for re-tipping, we ask that it be washed with a clarifying shampoo, NOT conditioned - unless with Olaplex, and bundled in no more than 50gm bundles with all the hair in the correct orientation.

Please note that re-tipping involves slight trimming of the old bond and ends, so allow for shortening of the extensions of around 1cm.

When sending us hair for I-tipping, please send us a few of the rings that you use so that we can match sizing.

We will size our tips to our usual sizing unless you have specific requests.

Custom Service Prices

Service (excluding hair cost if applicable) Price per bond (0.8-1gm)
Custom blend Flat Tip Italian Keratin £0.70
Custom blend U-tip Italian Keratin £0.70
Custom blend V-tip Italian Keratin £0.70
Custom blend I-tip Italian Keratin £0.70
Re-tipping Flat Tip Italian Keratin £0.50
Re-tipping U-tip Italian Keratin £0.50
Re-tipping V-tip Italian Keratin £0.50
Re-tipping I-tip Italian Keratin £0.50

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