Fusion Bonding

A game changer in hair extension systems

A game changing new hair extensions system!

Having been in this industry for 20 years, we’ve used many brands and tried an exhaustive list of hair extension methods, and had always wanted to devise our own.

This new method had to be a game changer.  It had to be lighter, more comfortable, and it had to be invisible.

After a couple of years of hard work and formulation, we have our trademark cold gel resin, than adheres anything from single hairs at a time to full sections.  Safely, neatly and invisibly!

Our new system allows for bonding hair to the finest, thinnest, most delicate hair, and to areas where applying normal hair extensions normally wouldn’t be possible without them being visible to some degree.

We can fill in balding areas, extend fringes and thicken where previously extension stylists would say no.

Our new system eliminates the need for intense mesh integrations and toupees for most clients.  Offering a far gentler, lighter, more comfortable, realistic, invisibly bonded solution!

You can even run heated tools over the bonds and they will hold!

Our results speak for themselves.  Just look at our examples?

Application and removal are easy and safe, but require skill and training to apply.  Therefore this is a strictly for professionally qualified hairdressers only.

To train with us, include a full exclusive numbered kit and become one of our Revega Exclusive Stylists – contact us now!

We’re about to change hair extensions forever!

Invisible fusion bonded hair extensions uk
Invisible fusion bonded hair extensions uk

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