White Label & Wholesale

If you are trying to decide whether you would like to make your own products, sell ready made, have your own brand, keep our manufacturer details on the packaging or not, then this page should answer your questions.

Wholesale - This means you simply purchase our Revega branded products to sell in your store.  We remain the responsible person and do all the legal admin.  Our name and branding must remain on the packaging.

Standard White Label - This means you purchase your chosen products at wholesale price from us.  We label them with your brand, but our details remain on the label as the manufacturer.  With this option, we remain the Responsible person/manufacturer so we complete a PIF and report the product on the cosmetics portal with your branding.  All you need to do is buy the product and sell the product with the labelling as provided.   

Though we recommend you include ingredients information on your website listing and create a small product information file for your own benefit, though this isn't mandatory as we hold all necessary information as the RP.

White label CPSR - Purchase this if you want to buy ready-made products to sell, but be named as the Responsible instead of us. 

Some retailers don't want their customers to know where they have their products manufactured, and so would like our details to not be shown on the packaging.  

If this is the option for you, then you will be the responsible person.  You will purchase your products either unlabelled or labelled with your details. 

The white label CPSR that you purchase along side the products, allows you to legally sell these products as the RP and you must then create a PIF - Product Information file, and report the products to the UK Cosmetics Portal.

Flexi CPSR - Purchase this if you want to make the products yourself and be named as the Responsible person.  You will be provided with a recipe / formula to follow and be able to create multiple different products.  You can create your own labels and put your own details on them as the RP.  You must create a PIF and report the products on the UK Cosmetics Portal.  These products are completely your own brand.

If you have further questions about wholesale and white label, please contact us.