Custom CPSR - Cosmetic Safety Report - 15 Variants

Custom CPSR - Cosmetic Safety Report - 15 Variants

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Our custom CPSRs are designed in partnership with a qualified and experienced cosmetic chemist who specialises in cosmetic regulations. 

The reports have been specifically created to offer an affordable option for small cosmetic businesses and individuals looking to manufacture their own cosmetic products.  

We offer FAST turnaround and NO LIMITS on the number of ingredients that you can use.

This custom CPSR allows you:

  • To assess one base formulation of your own making with 15 different variations.
  • By variants, we mean scent/colour/herb variants with the same quantitative/qualitative base formula. For example, if the base is 70% coconut oil + 20% cocoa butter + 8% olive oil the remaining 2% can be made up of any combination of fragrances, colours or herbs, but the combination of base ingredients (including quantities) cannot differ from one variant to another.
  • Your base can equal any percentage, it does not need to match the example.
  • There is no limit on the number of ingredients that you can use.
  • Turnaround time is only 1-2 weeks after submission.
  • CPSR requests are submitted every Monday morning.
  • Allows for sale in both UK and EU (subject to having RP in place and reporting on the correct cosmetic portals).

What we need from you:

  • Once purchased you will receive some forms to fill out with your information and information about your formula.  You must complete these and email them back to us at
  • We do not need your actual product, only the formulation.
  • Please make sure that your details are correct before sending us your request.
  • Please also send us a zip file of all certificates of analysis (CoAs) and Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for all the ingredients used in production, and allergen certificates and IFRA certificates for all essential oils, flavours or fragrances used. For aqueous (water-containing) products, We need preservative efficacy test results and stability results and the pH of the final product.  The exception is soaps, where they do contain water, but the pH usually is too high to allow any microorganisms to grow, therefore preservative and preservative efficacy tests are not needed, but we will require the pH of the final product.  For anhydrous (water-free) products such as balms, oils etc, a statement on stability is sufficient. 

Terms and conditions of sale

  • Usual terms and conditions apply
  • Further CPSR relevant terms and conditions apply
  • There are strictly no refunds on CPSR requests after payment has been made.
  • CPSRs are legal documents and therefore nothing within must be shared with anyone else.

Additional information

  • You are the responsible person for your product and therefore must complete a PIF and report your product on the SCNP in the UK.
  • Any questions about filling in the form can be directed to us at
  • You do not need to purchase your ingredients from us, but we'd love it if you did!
  • Once your product has been assessed you will receive your completed report via email.
  • If there are any queries relating to your form submission or formula we will contact you via email.

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