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Whipped soap flexi assessment
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Flexi CPSR Whipped Soap - Fragrance Package 1

Flexi CPSR Whipped Soap - Fragrance Package 1

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As you may be aware, to legally sell cosmetic products under your own brand name with your own responsible person details, you require by law, a CPSR - Cosmetic Product Safety Report. 

Obtaining these reports can be a lengthy and costly business.

This is why we have taken away the hassle and offered you our pre-written Flexi safety reports saving you money, and time and ensuring that you have access to the best quality products and ingredients.


The following Whipped Soap Flexi CPSR is the first of our whipped soap Flexis and is compiled by one of the highly qualified labs that we work with and allows you to legally sell whipped soaps under your own name/brand.

This CPSR package offers incredible flexibility, allowing you to create literally hundreds of variations so that you can stay unique to your business.  We give 12 different fragrance oil options for this CPSR and allow you to market your soaps as a whipped soap product, body shaving cream or hair conditioner (watch your colour intensity on hair conditioner products!).  That's 3 different products each with 12 scents, and infinite colour possibilities!  The scents all carefully chosen to offer you a selection of fresh, fruity and sweet scents to suit a range of customers, so that you have something for everybody!

BUNDLE OFFER:  Choose the option 'with ebook' to get the 'How to Start a Whipped Soap Business' eBook at a discounted price.  When Paired with this CPSR you'll be unstoppable in building your business :)  The ebook includes an exclusive video link to making whipped soap.  The recipe in the ebook is slightly different from the CPSR but still made in the same way.

With this CPSR you may:

  • Use Stephensons OPC Foaming Bath Butter Base in the specified percentage as pre-determined by the formula provided to you on purchase.
  • Add the recipe additions for consistency as specified in the formula provided on purchase.
  • Add any of the following Mica and Fluorescent pigment colours up to the percentage pre-determined in the formula provided to you on purchase.
  • Mix any of the Mica and Fluorescent pigment colours together to create new shades.
  • Use any of the 12 listed fragrance oils at the advised percentage - one per product.  Fragrance oils cannot be mixed in the same product

Colours included:

Bright Gold
Wine Red
Ruby Red
Coffee Pink
Rose Pink
Forest Green
Royal Blue

Fluorescent Pigments
Fluorescent Yellow
Fluorescent Green
Fluorescent Blue
Fluorescent Orange
Fluorescent Red
Fluorescent Pink
Fluorescent Magenta
Fluorescent Purple

Flavour Oils
Sweet Rhubarb and Blackcurrant
Toasted Marshmallow
Cookie Dough
Fresh Mango
Rose Petals
Tropical Paradise
Orange Sherbert
Raspberry and Magnolia
Coconut Ice

Also Includes 3 additions not listed here that must be added for the CPSR to be valid.  These include oils, and a powder ingredient, not listed for CPSR confidentiality reasons.

Used individually or by mixing the above micas and pigments in various combinations allows you literally hundreds of shade options for your whipped soap creations!  The images shown are inspirational examples only.  Shade creation is completely up to you.  The sky is the limit!  To view the colours please see our Micas HERE, Fluorescent pigments HERE and fragrances HERE and Stephensons OPC Base is HERE.  Note that powder colours will present differently when mixed with a base or blended with other colours, so use images as a rough guide only.

Your responsibilities as the reseller: 

  • You MUST create a legal label for the product to include your details as the RP - Responsible person.
  • You MUST report your newly named products on the UK Government Cosmetics Portal
  • You MUST complete a PIF - Product information file for each product 
  • You MUST take your own product photos - you cannot use ours.
  • You MUST NOT show or copy your CPSR for anyone, as it is a legally binding document.
  • You MUST NOT share the recipe/formulation with anyone else.

How it works:

On purchasing this CPSR you will be given a download link with a CPSR request form and an NDA, which you must fill in and email back to contact@revega.co.uk.  

Once we have this information we will submit it to the lab, and send you the formula documentation.  Your completed report will be sent to you in 1-3 working days after this (unless a pre-order in which case refer to the beginning of this product description for the time frame).  Contact us for an exact ETA.

We submit new CPSR requests to the lab every 14 days, depending on when you order the wait may be shorter.  

You do not need to wait for your finished report to order your products and get creating, but you must wait to have the report before you can gift or sell them.

What you will receive:

  • Once your report is completed you will receive a digital download PDF CPSR in your name.  This should be filed in your PIF.  This CPSR will be completed with the details you gave us at the start of the process, so please ensure you get those correct at the beginning.  
  • You will also receive a supporting document with the formula and all information you need to make your products.
  • Please download the MSDS and technical documents for the base, additions, fragrance oils, mica and pigments from the relevant product pages.  File these in your PIF.



This is assessment recipe is vegan friendly.

It is up to you to read the ingredient product listings and calculate expected costs for making these products, and set your own retail prices.


This CPSR allows for selling to the EU and UK so long as you follow the correct legislation surrounding sales in these countries. You only require a CPSR for selling in certain countries, so if you intend to sell worldwide, ensure that you research what is required in terms of labelling, ingredients and other factors before doing so. 

If you are confused about any of the legalities of selling cosmetics legally in the UK, compiling a PIF, creating labels or reporting on the GOV portal, please see our resources section for more help.

We also have our Facebook Group - cosmetic makers help and advice - which you can join.


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