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No problem.  I’m Jenna, a fully qualified hairdresser, hair extension stylist of 20+ years, and educator.  I am a Master Craftman awarded member of the HBC (Hair and Barber Council) and FHA (Freelance Hair Association). 

I work in Harpenden, Hertfordshire from a dedicated private studio and specialize in
helping those with fine or thinning hair.

Please note due to other business commitments I take appointments Monday - Friday 10am only.

Hair Extensions

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Loose Fusion Bonding

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How do I look after them?

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Frequently asked Questions

Will they damage my hair?

Not with correct application and aftercare.  It is important to find a stylist who is experienced and qualified who will walk you through the aftercare routine BEFORE you go ahead.  When correctly looked after most clients find that their natural hair has actually grown more underneath over the time they wear the extensions.

How Much will they cost me?

I won’t sugar coat it, hair extensions are an investment, another reason to be good with the aftercare.  Initial cost will be between £200 and £600 depending on what you want doing.  The price will vary depending on how much hair is needed, the colours required and the length that you would like.  Exact prices can be given at a FREE face to face consultation.

However, the hair can be reused at least twice thereafter if cared forand removed thereafter.  Longer re-use is possible, but bear in mind that each time the hair is removed, around 1cm is
cut from the top to remove the old resin residue.

How long do they last?

Everyone has different opinions on this, but from my 20+ years of experience seeing clients, I settled on 3 months.  The
reason for this is that your natural hair will shed around 100 hairs daily, with or without extension wear.  The hairs that naturally shed that happen to be attached within an extension bond will not be able to fall, but instead begin to tangle around the root area near the bond. 

3 Months is sufficient time
for the extensions to grow out a little and not produce too much shed hair around the roots.  Therefore, removal is easy and no damage is caused to the hair. 

Going longer than than 3 months can result in excess shedding and tangles around the root area, and potentially mean that the extension is held on by less natural hair than it should be. 
This can cause tension.  Stick to
the 3 month rule for beautiful healthy hair.

Can I dye my hair?

Yes, refer to the aftercare info.  Technically you should avoid dye etc on the bonds, but I understand that’s not always
possible.  In which case, have a
professional dye around them as much as possible and rinse thoroughly so that no residue it left.  Dry off the bonds to
firm them up before brushing.  Dye can soften the bonds a little, but generally you will find they are fine.  It’s also good to note that extension hair can absorb dye more than natural hair, so be aware of that and do root touch
ups only. 

Do you offer other methods?

No. Although I can do these methods I choose not to.  In my honest opinion loose fusion bonding is far better in many ways, and is far kinder to the hair.  My goal is to take my clients on a journey from coming to me needing extensions, to needing less, to finally no longer
needing them whilst having the most natural blend possible in the meantime. In my experience, the only way to achieve this is with loose fusion bonding.

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What products can I use?

I will recommend suitable shampoos at your appointment. I have options to fit all budgets.

All your usual styling products are fine to use as normal, so long as they do not get on the bonds.

Try to avoid anything too drying (ie: texturising sprays rich in salts) to ensure that your extensions last as long as possible.


Below is some inspiration for how extensions could help you.

Whether they are for length, thickening, volume, or to support hair loss treatments or growing out of hair, there is a solution for most.


Don't look any further for hair extensions - book an appointment with Jenna! She uses great quality, ethically sourced hair extensions and can be described as nothing less than a genius with colour blending to match your own hair colour. She is a real expert with fitting, with years of experience, ensuring the extensions are well-fitted and continue to look great weeks later. Her customer service and aftercare are both excellent - she is quick to respond to messages and to answer questions, but with no hard sell.

V, St Albans

I have been having hair extensions by Jenna using the fusion method since 2009 and I can highly recommend them, the hair is the best quality I have had fitted (trust me I have tried many companies). I have very fine/thin hair, so have struggled in the past to get them applied without the bonds showing through, this is so not the case with this hair, as the colour match is so close to my own and the bonds so neat and tiny that no one ever believes that I have extension in. The hair keeps its sheen and can be used over and over again, which has proved to be true value for money. The fitting is always done professionally and meticulously. After all these years of total confidence in the product and specialist fitting, I really wouldn't trust going to anyone else.

V, Hitchin

Jenna dyed my hair to match the extensions perfectly, I couldn’t even tell where my hair started and the extensions began! I had 16" extensions and they look fantastic, they were fitted really well, look really good and I couldn’t be happier with them, have had loads of compliments since :)

C, Harpenden

Jenna has been doing my hair extensions for years and she’s amazing!!! I’ve got thin, fine and weak pathetic hair.....I walk out swishing my mane with a big smile on my face after every visit!

M, Luton

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