Carbon Neutral Shopping

We understand that our customers want Eco friendly and biodegradable products. That’s why we do not supply plastic glitter and all of our products are made using natural ingredients where possible. If we can reduce plastic waste with packaging we will, and are constantly looking for alternatives to current containers. We ship products in recyclable and biodegradable packaging, boxes and mailers. We also use Ecocart. This allows you to choose to make your order carbon neutral. This works by using an algorithm to determine the carbon footprint of the products that you are ordering and calculating the cost to offset this by putting that money towards eco causes around the world.

For more information on Eco Cart please see their website HERE We ask customers to understand that we are a small business, and we are doing everything that we can to be as eco-friendly as possible, which is a big task especially for a small business. By taking all the steps we can when we can, we hope to make a positive difference over time.

Carbon neutral shopping with Eco cart