Can I have a bob hair cut with Fine Hair?

With the French Bob predicted to be the ‘style of 2022’ how can extensions possibly help to achieve such a short look?
The French Bob relies on volume to pull off its shape. Not all of us are blessed with beautiful thick locks, and some women will experience hormone related hair loss as they age.
This is where extensions can help you!
Extensions are most often thought of as a way to lengthen hair, but they can be used to build up the hair and create thickness and volume or to fill in areas where the hair is finer or broken.
You can use extensions to ‘sculpt’ the style that you want by using correct placement and a method to suit the clients hair type.
The best hair extension methods for shorter styles are those that offer a more uniform coverage.
Loose fusion bonding with an applicator and resin sticks is one way as it allows you to keep the bonds very small. This helps to blend both colour and texture better and avoids the stringy look that you can get with pre-bonded, micro and nano-ring applications. This is because when extensions are cut shorter they have more of a tendency to separate. If the extensions are created smaller and more like the natural fall of the hair, this is prevented to an extent and the end result looks more natural. This method is the best for very fine thin hair, as it’s the most light weight and gentle on the hair.
The other option would be a weft/weave, as it is applied in a continuous length around the head avoiding the separation completely. We’d only recommend this method for those with healthy strong hair.
Tape hair extensions are another option, they can be applied so that separation doesn’t appear too obvious, and as they are longer and flatter they are quite discreet, especially the injection tape which mimics the natural rooted hair.
After applying the extensions for your Bob look, you will need to cut them in. Experienced hair extension stylists will know that extensions should be approached differently than natural hair when cutting. Especially when cutting in short hair styles. We’d recommend razor cutting for a softer finish, and to texturize to ensure the extension hair blends with the natural hair. If you prefer scissors, use the point cutting technique and slide cut to texturize, using your scissor blade like a razor.
If you client needs a little help on the top due to thinning, you could opt for a light weight mesh or our invisible bonding method to give them a bit more coverage.

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