Fully Double Drawn or Natural Ratio?

Those new to applying extensions or those unfamiliar with all the terminology will often know only the terms 'Remy' and 'Double Drawn', and look only for these tags when buying for their clients.

Yes, those are good things to look for, but they should also look for the words 'Natural Ratio'.  Why?  For the following reasons:

1) Natural Ration Remy Hair has been cut directly from a willing donors braid or ponytail.  Therefore it has the natural hair ratio of different lengths within the bundle. Exactly as true human hair should be.

2) There is less wastage.  The hair is drawn through a hackle, ONLY to eliminate the very very short hairs.  Retaining the mid-long hairs.

3) No persons hair is exactly the same length root to tip all over.  Think about it, if you have a client with very bleach broken hair, and you apply 18" perfectly straight silky smooth hair of exactly the same length root to tip, how will that blend?  It will look disconnected and you will end up cutting in a lot of texture yourself.  

4) Natural ratio hair looks most natural as it provides hair in all the various stages of growth, just like your clients hair.  This natural variation in length gives a beautiful texture match for every client offering them a seamless blend with every set.

5) Natural ratio is still drawn slightly to ensure you have thickness at the ends, but retains the natural texture that is essential to good blending.  It also helps to even out the volume of the hair from root to tip when applied for length.

That is why our hair is double drawn to a natural ratio.

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