How much does a CPSR cost UK?

First of all you might be wondering - What is a CPSR?

CPSR Stands for Cosmetic Product Safety Report.  It is a legal document written by a qualified individual or lab assessing the safety of a finished cosmetic formula for use on the skin.

It will look in depth at the ingredients, in what quantities they are used and how they might react at certain level of use or when mixed together.  

The cost of a CPSR varies depending on what you are having assessed, with aqueous products (products containing water) often requiring further evaluation and challenge testing, therefore being more expensive than anhydrous products (oil based products containing no water), which are easier to assess.

A CPSR is needed for all cosmetic products without exception, and variants must be assessed separately.  This can get very expensive when you have many variants with base CPSRs costing around £180-300 for one variant and a further £50-150 per variant there after in most cases.

This is why Flexi CPSRs or Flexi assessments exist - for the small business owner.

So how do you get a CPSR in the UK?

You can search for independent labs who offer them or you can opt for a Flexi CPSR with a company like ourselves.

The idea of a Flexi CPSR is that the company producing it invests in having the assessments done including lots of variants, and then offers this pre-written to others for a lower price.  Making the money back via multiple sales.  This gives their customers a fantastic opportunity to start their own cosmetics line at a tiny fraction of the cost of doing it themselves.  Usually costing around £100-200 for a CPSR package that would have cost them near £1000+ to have done themselves.

Bonus!  These Flexi CPSRs also include a recipe to follow and all the information that you need to put on your labels, such as warnings, allergens and the ingredients list (in order) all done for you!

So when it comes to starting your cosmetics business, take a look at Flexi CPSRs to get you started.

I highly recommend Soak Rochford for a great selection!

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