How to Clean, Sterilise and Sanitise Skincare Equipment and Containers

To clean and sterilise and sanitise your equipment and product containers use the above workflow in the video.  

I've written the steps below.

  • Wipe down all your used equipment with a paper towel to remove all excess ingredient or product residue.
  • Wash in hot water in a clean kitchen or utility room or dedicated sink if you have one, with normal washing up liquid.
  • Rinse and leave to air dry.
  • Fill a bucket, storage container or washing up bowl with 5ltrs of distilled water. 
  • Add a Milton (or other brand) sterilising tablet.  Note the amount of water required for a single tablet and use as many as you need depending on how much water is in your container.
  • Submerge your cleaned equipment and containers in the sterilising water and leave for 15 minutues (or however long the tablet you are using requires). 
  • Remove from the water after that time.  No need to rinse.  Leave to air dry.
  • If you have a UV steriliser, you can use this instead.  It is a good option for items like lip gloss tubes which have a fabric wand you don't want getting wet, and are too small to effectively air dry.  Note however, that you cannot UV sterilise opaque or amber jars which are designed to keep your products safe from UV. I use a small UV steriliser for spoons, stirring rods and small containers.
  • Once dry spray down with 99% Isopropyl Alcohol, allow to evaporate off.  This sanitises them and then put away in a santised storage box with a lid.  This keeps them clean and sanitary until you want to use them.


  • Do I wash them in distilled water?
  • No, the initial washing up stage can be done with normal tap water.
  • What if my containers are too big to submerge?
  • Simply put them in as far as they submerge and then turn after 15 minutes to sterilise the opposite side.
  • Can I miss out the sterilising step?
  • I'd highly recommend that you don't miss it out.  It's important as part of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) to keep a level of hygiene and cleanliness for your customers.
  • Where do I buy sterilising tablets and UV sterilisers?
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Any other questions leave a comment below the YouTube Video.


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