How to make a Vanilla Lip Balm - Beginner friendly recipe

This Lip balm is gorgeously scented with a flavour oil, also offering a pleasant taste (though please do not eat it 😉)

You can fully customize this by replacing the oil, butter and flavour oil we list with any of your choice, though you may need to adjust the amounts of oil to butter depending on which butter you use, as some are softer than others.

This is an anhyrdrous formula, meaning that you do not need a preservative.  We’d advise a shelf life of 6-12 months, but you can do your own testing.  This may change depending on oil choice.

Remember that you need to stability test and obtain a CPSR before gifting or selling your finished products.

You’ll need:

  • Scales
  • Heat proof beakers or bowl
  • Pan or bane marie or double boiler
  • Stirring rods
  • Small dishes or beakers for ingredients
  • Lip balm tins or tubes for solid balms
  • PPE – Gloves, mask, apron, hairnet


Phase A

  • 30% Sweet Almond Oil - is a humectant and emollient. Its skin conditioning, helps it to retain moisture, and it is easily absorbed without leaving a greasy feel.
  • 25% Candelilla Wax – A hardener that spreads well and is easily absorbed with a fairly low melting point.
  • 22% Mango Butter - humectant, occlusive and emollient. It attracts and retains moisture on the skin, creates a protective barrier to prevent water loss.  Mango butter is very similar in texture to Shea butter, but gives a lighter feel to the finished product.
  • 20% Jojoba Oil – An emollient that helps to nourish and heal dry lips.

Phase B

  • Up to 2% Flavour Oil - vanilla – for scent and pleasant taste (though don’t eat it!) – we say ‘up to’ as it will depend on the allowed IFRA amounts and also how much scent throw that you would like in the finished product.
  • 1% Vitamin e (Tocopherol 70%) – An antioxidant that will help to stabilize the formula and has the added benefit of softening the skin and helping to prevent cell damage.

 Recipe for a 50g batch – approx. 4 lip balms depending on size.

  • 15g Sweet Almond Oil
  • 5g Candelilla Wax
  • 11g Mango Butter
  • 10g Jojoba Oil
  • 1g Flavour Oil - Vanilla
  • 5g Vitamin e (Tocopherol 70%)


  • First adhere to GMP and clean down your workspace and equipment.
  • Weigh out all your ingredients ready in small dishes or beakers.
  • Add your oil, wax and butters to a heat proof beaker and heat in a Bane Marie or double boiler until melted.
  • Take off the heat.
  • Allow to cool to under 40 degrees before adding your flavour oil and vitamin e.
  • Mix until incorporated.
  • Pour into your chosen containers and allow to set before using.

To use your lip butter, rub onto dry lips and leave on to moisturize. 


  • Try different flavour oils for scent variations.
  • You can add mica to make a tinted lip balm, this will be subtle and more for decorative purposes.
  • Try coconut oil instead of Jojoba for a different feel end product.
  • For a harder lip balm, try using a harder butter like cocoa butter, and a tiny bit of carnauba wax.

All of these ingredients are great for beginners and can create some fantastic lip products when combined in different percentages.  I encourage you to experiment and see what you can come up with.

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How to make a vanilla lip balm - recipe

Disclaimer: These formulas and recipes are experiments created for the purpose of sharing on Patreon and YouTube. Revega does not make any claims as to their qualifications or the efficacy of the the formulations which are listed here for entertainment purposes and accepts no responsibility for how you use these. We are self taught and offer these videos from our years of knowledge and experience in making our own cosmetic products.

Remember that if you intend to use one of these formulations for your own product range, do your own research, experiments, adjustments and tests before using, gifting or selling.

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