How to Make an Aloe Rose Hydrating Face Mist

I’ve had lots of requests for a face mist recipe. So here’s a nice starter recipe that will hydrate the skin.

To make a face mist you can select a number of waters and extracts and fragrances to make it your own. Just make sure to use a solubilizer if adding a fragrance oil or oil-based extract.

Note that I filmed and uploaded this the same day.  You can expect the mist to look clear and not cloudy after 24 hours :)

Formula and recipe for a 100g batch

Phase A

44% (44g) Distilled Water
30% (30g) Rose Water Hydrolat
20% (20g) Aloe Vera Juice
3% (3g) D Panthenol
2% (2g) Glycerine
1% Preservative Eco


Weigh out into a beaker and stir thoroughly to combine.

Take pH (sorry I forgot to record that part).  pH came out at around 4.5 for me.  I'm happy with that, but feel free to adjust up if you like.

Pour into spray bottle ready to use.


Change up the hydrolat if you which or add other complimentary ones.

Ensure that your ingredients are water soluble.

About the ingredients:

Distilled Water – Base and solvent for our formula

Rose Water Hydrolat – For scent. Hydrating, soothes skin, Improves skins appearance.

Aloe Vera Juice – Hydrating, thought to improve skins appearance, an anti-inflammatory and packed with vitamins and antioxidants.

D Panthenol – Hydrates the skin, prevents trans-epidermal water loss, is anti-inflammatory and helps to repair damaged skin.

Vegetable Glycerine – A humectant.

Preservative Eco – A broad-spectrum water-soluble preservative.

Disclaimer: These formulas and recipes are experiments created for the purpose of sharing on Patreon and YouTube. Revega does not make any claims as to their qualifications or the efficacy of the formulations which are listed here for entertainment purposes and accepts no responsibility for how you use these. We are self-taught and offer these videos from our years of knowledge and experience in making our own cosmetic products.

Remember that if you intend to use one of these formulations for your own product range, do your own research, experiments, adjustments and tests before using, gifting or selling.

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