How to Make an Emulsified Rainbow Body Scrub

I've made is super simple, but you can jazz this up by making substitutions and adjusting the oil and sugar content to how you like it.

For now, here is the recipe that I used for the video:

Formula and recipe for 1KG batch - Approx 5 scrubs

Phase A - Heated phase

34% (340g) Fractionated Coconut Oil

10% (100g) Shea Butter, refined

5% (50g) Emulsifying Wax

2% (20g) Cetyl Alcohol

Phase B - Cool down phase

2% (20g) Fragrance Oil

1% (10g) Phenoxyethanol Ehg - Preservative

0.5% (5g) Vitamin e Oil

0.2% (up to 2g) Mica or Neon Pigment

Phase C - Exfoliants

44.8% (448g) Granulated Sugar

0.5% (5g) Poppy Seeds


* First weight out your ingredients and add a tiny bit of the oil to each colour beaker and stir to pre-disperse the colour.

* Heat Phase A in a bowl until melted

* Take off heat, allow to cool and firm up slightly.

* Whip with a hand mixer and if 40 degrees C or below, add all cool down phase B ingredients except colour.

* Once combined, divide into different bowls ready to add colours.

* Add each colour to each bowl and mix to combine.

* Add an even amount of sugar to each bowl and mix to combine.

* Add an even amount of poppy seeds to each bowl and mix to combine.

* Cover each bowl and leave over night to firm up.

* Give each bowl a mix and it's ready to layer into jars.

Use in shower. The emulsifier within the scrub allows the oils to emulsify with the shower water to create a creamy lather type texture to moisturise and wash off your skin.

Substitutions: Sub the fractionated coconut oil for any lightweight, easily absorbed oil or a combination of oils and esters. I always mention it, but I highly recommend C12-15 Alkyl Benzoate if you can find it. Check usage amounts before adding. Shea butter can be subbed for any butter, just take note of hardness. Cocoa Butter has a strong scent and will product a firmer scrub.

Emulsifying wax can be subbed for many different emulsifiers, but I highly recommend Ecomulse for scrub recipes (Ritamulse in the USA), check usage as it may be used in a higher percentage than I have here.

Cetyl Alcohol you can change for Cetearyl Alcohol or Stearic acid. It adds to the overall feel of the product and as a bit of a product stabiliser.

Fragrance oil - Use whatever one you like, just remember to check the IFRA for max allowance and remember that if you use essential oils, they are strong!

Preservative - Any oil soluble broad spectrum preservative, Phenoxyethanol EHG is a very easy one to work with, but if you prefer, you can use Preservative eco, just be aware of the almond scent.

Colour - In the UK we can use Neons for wash off products, but in the USA I don't think you can. Micas make a good colourant for scrubs, just bear in mind that you need a lot less neon pigment than you do Mica for a similar result.

Vitamin e - use or leave out. I like to have it there as an antioxidant.

Granulated Sugar - Use any exfoliant you wish, just note the max usage allowance.

Poppy Seeds - Use, or leave out or replace with other seeds of choice.

Disclaimer: These formulas and recipes are experiments created for the purpose of sharing on Patreon and YouTube. Revega does not make any claims as to their qualifications or the efficacy of the the formulations which are listed here for entertainment purposes and accepts no responsibility for how you use these. We are self taught and offer these videos from our years of knowledge and experience in making our own cosmetic products. Remember that if you intend to use one of these formulations for your own product range, do your own research, experiments, adjustments and tests before using, gifting or selling.


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