How to Make Strawberry Hyaluronic Acid Toner

I’ve designed this toner to tighten and smooth the skin.  See the ingredients for their individual benefits. 

Formula for a 100g Batch

Phase A

64.5% (64.5g) Distilled Water - solvent
20% (20g) Hyaluronic Acid Stock (you can use high or low molecular weight for this, or a combination, as we don’t require a gel, it depends how thick you want your toner to be.  If you do not want to use a stock, then incorporate 0.2% of your hyaluronic acid powder with the glycerine to hydrate and replace the remaining percentage with water) – intensely hydrates the skin, helps with skin elasticity and smooths fine lines.
5% (5g) Aloe Vera Juice – soothing, anti-inflammatory, hydrating.
5% (5g) Vegetable Glycerine - Humectant
3% (3g) Strawberry Liquid fruit Extract - Rich in polyphenols and Vitamin C, contains soothing properties and helps to reduce pore size.
1% (1g) AHA Natural Fruit Extract – a natural source of Alpha Hydroxy Acids. Best combined with other ingredients that are soothing for the skin. It’s moisturising, skin softening, boosts collagen production and skin elasticity. It can help to brighten the skin and is great for acne prone skin.
1.5% (1.5g) Saligard PCG – broad spectrum water soluble Preservative


Add all ingredients except the AHA to a clean sanitized beaker and stir.  Woo!  That was easy.  Just make sure you stir thoroughly.

Check the pH. 

The AHA is fussy and would like a pH between 4 and 5, so ensure you adjust within that range, then you can add your AHA and stir in. 

For info on pH see my other videos on my channel.

Toners can be made a number of ways with many different ingredients. If you want to keep the basic gist of this one but use different actives, then by all means switch out the AHA and Strawberry extracts for others, but it will be a different product and please read up on the solubility, temperature tolerance and pH tolerance of anything that you add.

If you want to use a floral water in place of some of the water, then feel free.

Disclaimer: These formulas and recipes are experiments created for the purpose of sharing on Patreon and YouTube. Revega does not make any claims as to their qualifications or the efficacy of the formulations which are listed here for entertainment purposes and accepts no responsibility for how you use these. I am self-taught and offer these videos from my years of knowledge and experience in making our own cosmetic products.

Remember that if you intend to use one of these formulations for your own product range, do your own research, experiments, adjustments and tests before using, gifting or selling.


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