How to write a PIF - Product Information File for Cosmetics

If you make cosmetic products then you will need to create a PIF for each of your products.

This seems quite daunting, but once you get used to it, it's quite simple.

A PIF should contain the following information:

  • Your CPSR
  • A GMP Statement
  • Your MSDS, CoA, IFRA and Allergen documentation for your ingredients
  • Supplier information for your ingredients and packaging
  • Product Specification / Composition
  • Method of manufacture 
  • Stability testing information
  • Proof of claimed effect (if any)
  • Record of any complaints or undesirable effects
  • Images of the product
  • Images of the labels
  • No animal testing declaration
  • We also include our batch record for good measure.

The PIF is a working document and must be added to if there are any changes.  This does not mean updating existing information, as that would be relevant to that period in time.  You must never delete and replace information in your PIF, but create new product codes and add the information.  This is so each version of the product is easily identified.

Your PIF must be held for a period of ten years after the date of the last manufacturer product and available to the authorities on request.

You must keep a copy of your PIF at your place of manufacture.

If you would like more help, or just to take the stress away then you can purchase our PIF Template here, which gives you space to fill in the details and prompts to help you understand how to do so.

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