It's been a while...

My blog posts kind of disappeared, huh?  Sorry about that, but there was an issue with a group of people trawling the formulas of us YouTube DIYers and then packaging them up as courses and selling overseas.  

This isn't great for a number of reasons.  The hours of work and research I put into my formulas for one, the money spent on ingredients to make it and video it, and also the fact that I am a self taught formulator, therefore stealing these formulas and expecting them to be at a stage whereby they can be sold, is just plain stupid and irresponsible!  More testing and stability is needed... obviously.... no matter how good I think the formula is.

Anyway, I digress.  It was then my responsibility to ensure that what I shared freely was either a learning experiment or at a certain standard, and to ensure that only people serious about formulation and learning could use the formulas.

I still share the occasional freebie on my channel, but the majority are now accessed along with exclusive content over on my Patreon or website membership platform.

They offer lots of formulas, exclusive content monthly and chat for just the £4 tier and up and I'm always happy to answer questions over there.  

So what's been going on aside from all that?

Well, we're moving.  This has meant making as much content as possible for Patreon, membership and YouTube to cover me whilst we pack up and move house and set up my new lab space.  

I'm looking forward to having more space and will be getting everything set up so that I can launch the new range of products that I've been planning and testing this past year.  Exciting!

I plan to document as much as possible on YouTube, but I'm quite shy, so not a natural vlogger.  I'd like to have some footage for myself if nothing else though.  The one regret I have about my old business is that I didn't video much.  I have some great memories of that time and wish I could look back on more than photos.  My goal now is to push past the shyness and thank myself later :)

Anyway, I hope you all have a lovely holiday season and I'll see you over on YouTube!

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