Understanding UK Cosmetics Regulations for Small Business owners

To make, gift and sell cosmetic products in the UK there are a number of regulations and practices that you need to follow.  

We've summed them up in this short video:



  • Register as a business with HMRC
  • Notify your local Trading Standards
  • Write a GMP Statement - what is it and how to write one.
  • Purchase Trade Approved Scales - why and where from.
  • Practice - Why it's so important to practice before selling.
  • Stability and Challenge Testing - How, why and where.
  • RP - Responsible Person - Who are they and what they do.
  • CPSR - Cosmetic Safety Report - what are they and where to purchase.
  • PIF - Product Information File - what's included and why.
  • Correct Labelling - what's required on a cosmetic product label.
  • Batch Records - how and what to record.
  • Report on the SCPN - Submit Cosmetic Product Notification 
  • Claims - what you can and can't claim.

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