Why Bulk hair is best!

How many times have we heard people say 'I don't want glue', 'Glue damages the hair!', 'Micro rings are better' ?

I've heard this numerous times, and I'm here now to tell you something, it's rubbish!

Having been an extension technician and educator for many years, I have tried and tested many extension methods, and I always come back to one.  Bulk hair fusion, and here's why:

  1. It's NOT glue, it's a specially formulated resin.
  2. It allows complete control over bond size. allowing you to tailor it to the persons hair, making it great for those with thinning hair, as the bonds can be made tiny and undetectable.
  3. It allows complete control over shade matching, as you can custom blend each extension to match the section of hair it attached to.
  4. It is kinder to the hair.  I'm talking specifically about the fusion resin we use with a applicator.  This is very different to the resin found on pre-bonded extensions.  It is softer, more pliable, and sets hard with good durability, whilst still allowing for easy removal.  It encases the hair in a small bond protecting it.
  5. It's more comfortable for the client.
  6. It's easier to texture blend with the clients hair, making it look more natural.

Every client that I have converted to fusion resin prefers it.

Think about it... everyone is so focused on glue and damage that they don't think logically about it.  Micro rings are popular as they are seen as non damaging, but if you look closely at what they are, you'll see that actually they are some of the worst for damage.  Why?

  1. Because the size of the extensions cannot be altered.  This means that sometimes the hair in places around the head, such as the nape and sides, is not strong enough to hold the extensions weight, and thus will shed more or break.
  2. It's not suitable for fine/thinning hair, as the bonds are larger and show through the hair.
  3. A perfect colour match is harder to achieve, as you are stuck with the pre blended shades on offer.
  4. The extensions are applied using metal rings (copper rings can also leave a green residue on the hair where they are attached), which rub against the root where they are attached causing breakage over time.
  5. They can look quite unnatural as they tend to separate more than other extension types, causing a stringy look.

Overall, everyone will have their preference, but consider fusion extension training and offering this method to your clients, as the standard of your work will go up, clients will be happier, and it's a method unavailable to casual, unqualified hobby extensionists.  This will not only set you apart, but set you miles apart, and help to regulate our industry by offering the highest quality extension work.

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