Why is a Scrunchie good for your hair?

So you may have noticed the HUGE scrunchie trend... Surely these hair ties are a relic of the 80s and 90s along with shell suits and colour changing t-shirts?  Nothing wrong with those things of course, as a child of he 80s I had them!

Scrunchies have made a come back and have been reinvented to fit with todays fashion.  Now they have a popular oversized version - a massive 7" diameter scrunchie that will hold even the thickest hair and make thinner hair look fuller.

Gold faux silk scrunchie

So are scrunchies actually good for your hair?  Yes.  Well, comparatively.  Scrunchies are far better for your hair than wearing hair ties as they are generally softer, have a larger surface area and create less tension.

Silk and Satin scrunchies are especially good for hair, as the material allows the hair to slide against it rather than rub, causing less tangles and breakage.

With so many designs and materials to choose from, scrunchies are no longer your cheap looking bargain store fashion item, but a must have luxury handmade accessory to mix and match with every outfit.

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