Why we changed our hair extensions packaging?

What’s the first thing you do when you go to apply extensions to a clients hair? Take the hair out of the packets and blend or arrange it ready for use. Then the packaging most likely goes in the bin. 

With everything our supply partners are doing their end to reduce their environmental impact, we wanted to reduce ours at this end of the supply chain. 

We made the bold decision to receive the hair unpackaged. This means we can package it up ourselves in more eco-friendly and recyclable packaging.  

After feedback from regular customers,  we decided on simple. Your hair order will now be bundled together by length and weight types into black paper bags and labelled - fully biodegradable and recyclable. Due to the nature of hair and needing to keep it in good condition in transit, we are using small hair nets to contain it within the bags. These are recyclable or can be reused.

We hope you like the move to being more eco-friendly. Whilst it’s lovely to have fancy branded packaging, there is simply no need to add more plastic waste to the world when our customers immediately remove and discard it.

We are constantly looking at our packaging options for everything and will always replace with eco options when suitable alternatives are available.

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