Shimmer Loose Pigment Eye Shadow

Our Loose pigments are cosmetic grade, meet all EU and UK cosmetic regulations, are cruelty free and are safe for use on skin, as eyeshadow and on the lips.

Not used loose pigment before?  Let us introduce you...

Loose pigment is a highly versatile natural product with high colour intensity and natural shimmer/sparkle.  It can be used on its own or mixed with others to blend beautiful colours for eye shadow, lip colour and use with nail products,

For the eyes, use our eye primer and either gently dab onto the eyelid, or for extra hold and dramatic effect, mix with our pigment mixing gel and brush onto the lid.  

For the lips, use one of our gorgeous liquid lip shades and then dab the loose pigment over the top for a metallic topcoat.  Seal with a clear gloss.

For the nails.  Paint with a gel base and polish and use as a dipping medium, tap away the excess and apply your topcoat.

The pigment can also be used for body art with the use of our pigment mixing gel.  Simply mix and paint it on. 

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