Lipstick and Lip Gloss Safety Assessments

We've just launched our Flexi Matt Liquid Lipstick and Lip Gloss CPSRs, otherwise know as cosmetic product safety reports or safety assessments.

They've been a long time in the making and we know some of you have wanted a flexible lip product assessment for a while, so we though we'd explain a little more about how they work and how they benefit you.  Lip Gloss and Matt Liquid Lipstick

As you are likely aware, for every cosmetic product sold in the UK and EU, you will require a CPSR.  This is an a safety assessment conducted by qualified individuals or labs to deem the product safe and suitable for its intended use.  

You cannot legally sell or gift cosmetic products in the UK or EU without one.

To get a full range of products assessed can get extremely expensive, as each variant will require its own assessment.  Most small businesses will not be in the financial position to invest in having so many reports done, which can really limit their range when they start up.  Especially if you would like many colour and fragrance options.

This is where Flexi reports come in.  A flexi report is essentially a package of numerous reports which allow the named buyer the flexibility to create multiple products.  Usually this will be using a base with named variants such as colour, flavour or fragrance.  You will follow the formula/recipe given to you as part of the package to create the allowed variations of that product.  You can then brand the products with your business details.  You are then the responsible person for the product and should create a PIF - Product information file, and report your products on the UK and/or EU Cosmetics portals depending on where you intend on selling ( note that since Brexit, selling cosmetics in the EU will require you to have a named responsible person located in an EU country).

Our new Flexi assessments are the ultimate way to start your own Lip Gloss or Liquid Lipstick Line.  

Each assessment allows for the use of a pre-made base (no formulation knowledge required), and certain named additions which allow you to truly customise the products, creating literally hundreds of different variations if you would like to - just remember the admin!

Because of the number of flavours and colours allowed within the assessments and the allowance for colour mixing, you can be sure that you will create unique products.  Finally you can create your perfect shade!

We'll be adding more assessments over the coming year, and are very open to requests.  We want these to help you as much as possible, and they are guaranteed to save you money!

To view our current available assessments, click HERE

For more help and advice on the admin side, click HERE

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