eBook - How to Formulate Lipstick

eBook - How to Formulate Lipstick

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This eBook is the ultimate guide to creating lipstick formulas for both solid and liquid lipsticks.

After walking you through common lipstick ingredients and how they are used, I give you the structure of basic lipstick formulations and explain how to formulate a stable lipstick from scratch.

Whether you want a natural lipstick, vegan lipstick, silicone-based lipstick, sustainable lipstick or any other type, I have you covered, as there will be a formula included to cover the most common small businesses selling points. 

Best of all, if a recipe doesn't exactly fit your brand values, then each one is 100% customisable, as you will have a good enough understanding by the end of the book to change a formula to suit you by substituting ingredients and altering percentages.

After reading this book and trying some formulas, you will be well on your way to having your own unique lipstick formula for your brand.  One that no one else can replicate.

The book comprises:
  • 91 page eBook
  • Ingredients breakdown
  • Pigment usage
  • Structure of a lipstick formula
  • How to formulate a lipstick
  • 10 Formulations (liquid lipstick and solid lipsticks)
  • Printable Formula and Notes Pages
  • Accompanying YouTube Videos HERE                         

Copyright remains with Revega Ltd.  Strictly no copying, sharing, distributing or selling.  eBook will be digitally stamped with your details on purchase.  

Strictly no refunds on digital goods.  Contact us before purchasing if you have any queries or concerns to check that it will meet with your needs and expectations.


Any information given in this eBook is researched thoroughly by ourselves and any formulas and recipes are experiments created for the purpose of sharing on Patreon, YouTube and with interested DIY formulators. They have not yet been safety assessed.

 Revega does not make any claims as to their qualifications or the efficacy of the formulations which are shown here for informational and entertainment purposes and accepts no responsibility for how you use the information given. Though we have taken care to ensure the information herein is true and correct, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information, and you understand that there may be errors, omissions or changes to the information contained as with anything science-based.

 We are self-taught and offer these resources from a DIY perspective, but to as high a standard as possible, from our years of knowledge and experience in making our own cosmetic products.

 Remember that if you intend to use one of these formulations for your own product range, do your own research, experiments, adjustments and tests before using, gifting or selling.

 Any reference to 'vegan-friendly' indicates that the product is available with no animal-derived ingredients and is not tested on animals.

how to make solid and liquid lipstick ebook with 10 recipes

Customer Reviews

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Tara bolin

eBook - How to Formulate Lipstick

Very informative

Highly recommended, I have searched everywhere trying to find lipstick formulas and there is not much out there, but the ebook contains all information you will need to make several lipsticks , plus an exciting formula I haven't heard of which I will be creating, if your looking to start a lipstick business this book will give you all the information you will need ,it also contains lipgloss and matte liquid recipes.